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The Attitude of Gratitude

The Attitude of Gratitude

7th July 2019

Dr Lennon’s Sunday Musings

2 nights ago, Amity held its first of its kind Amity ‘Think Different’ Evening. It was well attended with almost a hundred attendees. There were many Amity Family members and their friends and loved ones. There were guests of Amity that included local businesses including the Deputy Mayor of Newton Abbot. The event was very well received.

I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude. I am grateful for everyone who brought their unique energy into the space. I am grateful for my amazing Amity Team for without them, the event would never have taken place. I am grateful for the venue. I am grateful for the energy that was created that night. I am grateful for the generosity for everyone who contributed to the different causes that were present that night.

The Attitude of Gratitude is paramount. I would like to share this gift with you.
Gratitude is feeling thankful. The habit of gratitude can greatly help the feelings of inner peace, improve self-awareness and attract more prosperity into your life. So many people that have everything and yet they are unfulfilled and unhappy. They are fearful and stressed. And yet there are so many people who seemed to have nothing and yet are so happy and fulfilled.

The secret to wealth is gratitude. It does not depend on who you are or what you have. It depends solely upon how you think.

Wealth is a state of mind and anyone can acquire a wealthy state of mind by being grateful. When you are grateful, you are wealthy. When you are not grateful, you are stressed and poor. Gratitude connects us to the present moment. Gratitude uplifts our spirit and feeds our heart. Gratitude is the antidote to fear. You simply cannot feel gratitude and fear at the same time. Gratitude doesn’t mean settling for less or not making every effort to realise your true potential. Quite the opposite. Gratitude is learning to be happy with what you have while pursuing all that you want.

You will find yourself in a positive state by simply focusing the parts of your life you are grateful for. Appreciate the abundance in your life. Being grateful is an energising way to start your day and to end it. When we no longer take life for granted, we become grateful for everything we have.

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Passionate about your pet and mad about you