Passionate about your pet and mad about you

Amity Hospitality

Imagine walking into a veterinary surgery where you are welcomed as family with a warm smile. The feel is professional yet personal, friendly yet unassuming and highly trained yet accessible. We are always ready to greet you and are pleased to see you.

It is a place created as an ideal; an experience for your senses. The decor is muted and natural and scented candles help promote a sense of calm. It is a place devoid of clinical feel where customers refer to it as ‘like a visit to the spa’ and ‘like something out of Country Living’. Barista style coffee, multiple flavoured teas and nibbles are served while you wait.

The humanity of pet ownership is embraced, looking holistically at creating a peaceful environment where you are reassured and comforted thereby making your pets feel more secure and less fretful.

There are separate consult rooms for cats and dogs and other small animals so that the rooms do not harbour the scent of what would be that animal’s natural predator. The consult rooms themselves are stripped of all extraneous equipment to avoid over-stimulation; it is just your vet, you and your pet.

Come and feel the difference.

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We pride ourselves on having the most stunning and awesome veterinary service (and we are constantly improving!) with the primary intention to help you and your pet beyond what usual vets would do. Our strength lies in helping you feel better and relaxed. If you are not seriously feeling better and without a doubt, more relaxed with us, we will refund every single penny you have spent on the membership (minus goods and services provided). No hard feelings whatsoever!


What others say

"Knowing that whatever do with me or Lara, or any member of my family, we will be looked after"

"Amity describes itself as a family and that really is how it feels"

"Amity has changed the way I can approach a vet"



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Passionate about your pet and mad about you