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Amity Veterinary Care provides patients with a high level of clinical care, delivered with elevated customer service. Maintaining a high standard requires ongoing investment in our people, their training and the equipment they use. Our clients trust us to deliver high standards to minimise risk and maximise benefits for their pets. They also expect financial fairness and good value. We therefore make no attempt to be a low cost practice. We are always willing to discuss our fees and the options available when funds are limited. We will always provide estimates on request and work with you to keep costs under control. You are always welcome to visit ‘behind the scenes’ to view our facilities.


We will always provide you with an estimate before any surgical procedure, or before admitting your pet for hospital care. Your Veterinary Surgeon will discuss the costs of any investigations or treatments of ‘out-patients’ at the time of consultation. You will receive an itemised invoice following each transaction.

  • Consultations

    Dogs and Cats

    Non-Members Members
    Introductory Consultation £150 NA
    Second Opinion Consultation £200 NA
    1st Consultation £150 £120 (Complimentary for Essential Members)
    Subsequent Consultation £120 £90 (Complimentary for Essential Members)

    *All consultations are 30 minutes


    Large Exotic* 1st Consultation £180
    Large Exotic Subsequent Consultation £140
    Small Exotic** 1st Consultation £150
    Small Exotic Subsequent Consultation £110

    * Parrots, Bearded dragons, Snakes, Tortoises, Rabbits, Chinchillas, Guinea Pigs
    ** Hamsters, gerbils, rats, mice, small birds, chickens

    Dispensing Fee/Written Prescription charge per drug £25
  • Vaccinations

    Primary Vaccination Course/Re-start (Cats and Dogs) £180
    Booster including Clinical Examination (Cats and Dogs) £150
    Puppy Pack/Kitten Kickstarter £250
    Rabbit Vaccination RHD/Myxo £180
  • Neutering

    Bitch Lap Spay (Keyhole)

    Weight Member Non-member
    <20kg £650 £750
    >20-40kg £750 £850
    >40kg £850 £950
    **Add £100 if over 1yr of age**

    Dog Castrate

    Weight Member Non-member
    < 20kg £300 £380
    > 20 – 40kg £390 £480
    > 40kg £550 £650
    Member Non-member
    Cat Spay £200 £250
    Cat Castrate £140 £200
    C-section cat £1,700
    C-section dog £2700 – £3500 time/weight dependent
  • Routine Dentals

    (All dentals include dental x-rays and all post operative medications)

    Member Non-member
    Cat Dental £800 £960
    Weight Member Non-member
    < 10kg £800 £960
    10kg – 25kg £900 £1,080
    25 – 50kg £1,100 £1,320
    > 50kg £1,500 £1,800
  • After-Life Services

    All euthanasia includes sedation when appropriate

    Euthanasia Only + Cremation with NO ashes back + Cremation with ashes back
    Cats £200 £250 £400
    Dogs less than 20kg £250 £300 £450
    Dogs 20 – 40kg £325 £450 £575
    Dogs 40 – 60kg £475 £650 £800
    Dogs >60kg £550 £750 £950
     Small furries/birds <200g £120 £135 £220
    Small furries/birds >200g £150 £175 £260
    Reptiles <1kg £150 £200 £300
    Reptiles >1kg £220 £270 £370

    *House visits can be arranged for an additional fee if required for this specific service.

This price list is for guidance only. Costs may vary from individual animals if additional treatment is required.

Payment Methods

We accept VISA, and MASTERCARD as well as cash. We are a cashless practice so all change will be credited into your account instead. To help reduce our costs we require payment to be made at the time of each consultation or on collection of your pet after surgery or hospitalisation. If this is not possible, we request that you discuss the matter with one of our administrative team before any services are provided.

Pet insurance

We strongly recommend that you insure your pet. We provide the option of advanced specialist care at referral centres when appropriate. This can be expensive and pet insurance will allow you access to funds that allow greater choice of treatments when your pet is unwell. We are always happy to advise on pet insurance. Download this useful guide before investing in your pet insurance. 6-Devastating-Facts-about-Insurance

*We are VAT registered, which means we are simply collecting 20% of what you pay as tax for HMRC!


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Passionate about your pet and mad about you