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With our tranquil waiting area and spacious dog consulting room Amity is the perfect place to bring your dog. We have designed the practice with the animals’ comfort in mind. Our clients often refer to a spa when they describe our setting. Peaceful background music and a pleasant scent create a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

As we consult by appointment only you will not arrive to find lots of patients waiting to be seen. We are also happy to consult in our car park or book appointments for nervous patients at quieter times if needed. Our approach to consulting allows the dog time to get comfortable and explore the environment before any examination takes place.

Our dog consult room is perhaps one of the biggest consult rooms in the county making it easy if you have very large dogs or multiple animals. In addition, we have a dog-only hospitalisation room situated at the back of the room away from the general busy areas of the practice. It is full of natural light and has two large walk-in kennels with no roof and glass front doors providing a space where dogs do not feel trapped or hemmed in.

Many of our clients have come to us as they have very nervous animals. They are always surprised when their dogs trot right in and make themselves at home!

There are many different types of food available for dogs, for example, dry kibble, tinned diet, raw feed, grain-free, home-cooked, customised and many more. We believe the best food is the food that serves your dog best. If your dog is thriving on that diet, it is probable you are feeding the right food! If you are struggling to find the right diet, please consult with our vet.

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"Amity describes itself as a family and that really is how it feels"

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Passionate about your pet and mad about you