Passionate about your pet and mad about you

Our Story

Many years ago, I had a dog called Miu Miu. She was a wonderful Miniature Pinscher that I loved. One day, she fell ill and I brought her to the vets. I remembered clearly entering the waiting area, with white walls and concrete floor. There was a shelf selling dog food stacked from the ground to almost the ceiling on a white shelf. A few dog leads were hung up for sale. I was greeted by a sullen receptionist who indicated to me to take a seat by a single head nod.

‘Miu Miu Foo!’ I heard my dog’s name with my last name being called out by the vet. It was my turn. I entered a small clinical looking room. The next minutes went in a blur. I was given a few medications and instructions on how to give them. I remember asking questions to find out more about my pet’s condition but the vet said something brief and I was sent out as there were other patients waiting. I paid the bill and left.

Miu Miu eventually recovered (from a bladder infection) and I was very grateful for the help I received. However, I could not shake the feeling that I was extremely worried and the vet did not seem to understand that or took the time to explain her condition to me. My concerns were not acknowledged, much less addressed, or assured in any way.

When I became a vet, I believed that my job was not only to help my patient but to preserve the bond between your pet and you. To do this, I understood not only did I have to excel in my craft of treating my patient, but I also had to master my skill in communicating with you as well.

At Amity, we understand and acknowledge when your pet falls ill, you are affected as well. It can be so stressful bringing your pet to the vet. There are so many unknowns and uncertainty like whether your pet will get better, how long will it take, disruption from daily routines like working or child care, how much will it costs, etc. We have created a relaxing environment and experience for you.

We believe that you, the dedicated pet guardian, are simply amazing. The courage of pet guardianship and taking on the vast responsibility is not only to be supported but also celebrated.

Our Core Purpose is to empower you to become your pet’s hero through education.

The very existence of Amity Veterinary Care is driven by the desire to uphold the above beliefs because Family truly Matters.

Our Core Purpose and Values reflect these aims.

However, it is your experience which counts.

So visit us to savour the Amity difference.

And remember to give us any feedback and comments you may have. We really value your observations and opinions.



We pride ourselves on having the most stunning and awesome veterinary service (and we are constantly improving!) with the primary intention to help you and your pet beyond what usual vets would do. Our strength lies in helping you feel better and relaxed. If you are not seriously feeling better and without a doubt, more relaxed with us, we will refund every single penny you have spent on the membership (minus goods and services provided). No hard feelings whatsoever!

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"Knowing that whatever do with me or Lara, or any member of my family, we will be looked after"

"Amity describes itself as a family and that really is how it feels"

"Amity has changed the way I can approach a vet"



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Passionate about your pet and mad about you