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General Procedures

Our practice is equipped to perform a comprehensive range of pet surgeries using only the latest and best equipment. All surgical areas are completely sterile and all surgical procedures adhere to the highest industry standards. Your best friend is in safe hands.

Our veterinarians perform a wide range of surgical procedures like neutering, diagnostic surgery, caesareans, tumour and lump removals, wound stitches, intestinal obstructions, and more.

Maintaining the highest levels of cleanliness is as important to pets as is it to people when it comes to surgical procedures. That’s why the Amity surgical team are fully gowned the whole time for sterile operations. Instruments are sterilised in an autoclave and we have a dedicated surgical theatre, like a hospital. The pet surgery bed is heated for the comfort and wellness of our patients who are continually monitored.

Blood tests

Pre-operative or pre anaesthetic blood tests are offered to all patients prior to surgery but are particularly recommended to senior patients (over 8 years old for dogs and over 10 years old for cats) or for patients that have health implications. The blood test will give the surgeon indications of kidney function and red blood cell concentration which is important to know to enable the most suitable combination of drugs to be given or if the patient needs any supportive therapy during the anaesthetic and to aid recovery. The blood test is beneficial regardless of age even if it shows no abnormalities as it can provide a comparison if your pet has any future illness. It is your choice if your pet has a blood test. It is not compulsory, but highly valuable.


Fluids are given to prevent dehydration and assist the anaesthetic drugs being flushed through the system. Patients will receive fluids as required throughout a surgical procedure and all lengthy surgical procedures will require fluids. In some cases, fluids may be needed from admission until discharge sometimes even overnight. This will be discussed with you beforehand and is particularly important for elderly or debilitated pets, or those with kidney conditions.

Pain relief

It can be tricky to know if your pet is in pain after their surgery simply because they can’t tell us! Our experienced surgeons will access each case individually taking into consideration the surgery performed and the clinical tell-tale signs to decide if post-operative pain relief is required. If your pet has any post-operative pain this may prevent healing and cause discomfort, take home pain relief will help keep your pet comfortable during the healing process.


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Passionate about your pet and mad about you