Passionate about your pet and mad about you

Our Core Purpose and Values

Core Purpose

Empowering You Through Education


Provide Value First

Giving first instead of taking allows goodwill and trust to be built. As a receiver, you are likely to feel more positive about the interaction. Ironically, the greater benefit actually lies with the giver for you are allowed to experience the feeling of profound generosity, giving before taking. This is a feeling that is not easily replicable by other intentions or actions. Above all, it simply makes human interactions nicer, better, and more pleasant.

‘If you would take, you must first give. This is the beginning of Intelligence.’ – Lao Tzu

Learn Constantly

No one can ever know too much to learn or know too little to teach. Especially in the veterinary profession, you know more about your pet than anyone else. You need to teach us about your pet while we educate you about the medical aspects. Together, we allow the best way to improve your pet’s life.

‘I am still learning.’ – Michelangelo at age 87

Focus on Results

It can be too easy to lose track of why you do something in the first place especially if the journey is not straight forward. By focusing on the desired results, it allows achievement and satisfaction to be met despite the difficulties encountered and distractions of the ‘protocol, methods, and techniques’ used.

‘However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.’ – Winston Churchill

Seek out Feedback

Very simply put, that is the only way to improve. It is crucial to seek out feedback in failures and especially, success to ensure improvement. Nothing fails faster than success. Failure, compared to success, is an excellent teacher. At Amity, we reward any person who provides a valid complaint or constructive criticism for his or her bravery as it allows us to improve our service.

‘Positive feedback makes the strong grow stronger and the weak grow weaker’ – Carl Shapiro

Give Positive Energy

Being around positive energy elevates you and allows you to radiate positive energy yourself. On the whole, this simply improves the world. Veterinary medicine can be an energy-sapping environment. By giving you positive energy, it is our way of reciprocating your kindness by bringing your pet to us, allowing us to do what we love to do!

‘Be the reason someone smiles today’. – Anon


We pride ourselves on having the most stunning and awesome veterinary service (and we are constantly improving!) with the primary intention to help you and your pet beyond what usual vets would do. Our strength lies in helping you feel better and relaxed. If you are not seriously feeling better and without a doubt, more relaxed with us, we will refund every single penny you have spent on the membership (minus goods and services provided). No hard feelings whatsoever!

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Passionate about your pet and mad about you