Passionate about your pet and mad about you

Amity Veterinary Care, Newton Abbot. A Place of Learning.

Through Education, we Empower You to become your pet’s hero. From local emergency services to unlimited consultations (Yup! Never pay for a consultation again!), we have a membership to suit all needs. Come join our family now and be part of an exclusive group of pet guardians who love their pets like family. Our patients include dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, snakes, lizards, tortoises, birds and many more of God’s wonderful creatures. Family truly Matters…

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Our Core Purpose is to Empower You Through Education. That is why we are the only practice in the area that provides 30-minute consultations. This is particularly important so you are not rushed or stressed to make important decisions regarding your pet.

Are you someone who wants to know absolutely everything about your pet’s condition? You want to learn, take an active role in deciding what is the best treatment plan for your pet, and not just relying on your vet to tell you what to do. Jill has a four-year-old Collie, Tammy, that had epilepsy and needed a keyhole spay. Jill was extremely concerned. At Amity, she was able to make an educated decision.

Do you want to be sure you have the best available advice and treatment for your pet? Not cheap and fast options but a highly valued approach for your beloved pet. Mary wanted a different opinion for a mass removal on her 13-year-old Labrador, Max that was just described as ‘old’, ‘just a dog’, and ‘nothing can be done’ by her previous vet. Max was her life. At Amity, she felt understood and received her desired result.

Would you like to have a transformational relationship with your vet and not just a transactional one? Patrick felt their last vet did not really care about him or his ten-year-old Golden Retriever, Poppy. They were abrupt with him and he did not feel safe with them. At Amity, he has a great relationship with his vet, and conversations are easy.

If you feel any of the above described you, why not join us to receive the results you desire and deserve.

What is your story? How can we help?

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Empowering You Through Education. Family truly Matters.

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    Passionate about your pet and mad about you