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Can I use the practice without becoming a member?

Amity is a members-only veterinary service. We will only see non-members on an emergency basis which will result in an additional supplement fee

Do all new customers need a Complete Amity Consultation?

Yes, please click here for more information.

Do I need to pay for a membership to use your services and/or buy your products?

Yes, we are a members only practice. All our customers pay a membership fee for their pets. If you are not a member and require a vet, we will see you on an emergency basis.

Do I need to pay for the out of hours service?

Yes, unless you are on the Exclusive Membership. All members have access to free telephone advice 24/7, but if it results in a call out, it will be charged. However, if you join our exclusive membership package, you are entitled to two call outs or out of hours consults at no extra cost.

Do I need to pay to use the facilities e.g. consultations, x-rays, surgical procedures?

Apart from the benefits included in the membership, any services provided and products obtained will be charged.

Do you have any services I can use without the membership as I would like to stay registered with my vet?

We offer lap spays, acupuncture and emergency consultations to non-members.

How do I know if this is the right one for me?

Great question. Please find out more about us by reading our content, our reviews and if you are still not sure, call us at 01626 247 888 so we can address your questions. Alternatively, you can book a Complete Amity Consultation and we can find out if we are a good fit or not. We are looking to have members for life, not a one-off transaction.

I have a bird. Is the membership only for cats and dogs?

No. We see exotics here and there are memberships for the other species too. Please click here for more information.

I have lots of pets but I only want to register one with you, can I do that?

Yes, you can register your pet that you would like the membership for. If you are wanting us to treat your other pets as well, you can invest in their membership then.

I have more than one pet. Does that mean that I have to pay more than one membership?

Yes, each membership is for each pet. If you are investing in more than 1 membership, subsequent memberships enjoy a 15% discount (2 months free).

I only come to the vets as needed, why do I need a membership?

Just like how you are meticulous in choosing your vet, we choose our members too. A membership allows us to provide a service that you want and ensure we are a good fit. This is paramount to building a long lasting relationship instead of just a one off transaction.

Is the membership the same as insurance?

No, the membership allows your pet to be registered with Amity and use its facilities as required. We highly recommend insurance to ensure that finances need not to be a concern while treating your pets.

Is there a guarantee?

It is important to us that you are completely happy with your investment. Should you be dis-satisfied in any way, we would appreciate it if you let us know. For your peace of mind, our massive value packed memberships come with a guarantee. Should you be dis-satisfied within 6 months of joining us, we will refund the membership fee*. (Terms and conditions apply)

It is too expensive. How can I afford it?

It is important for you to work with a vet that is within your budget. We offer three different memberships to suit different needs and budget.

My current vet does not have a membership scheme. Why do you have it?

Just like how you are meticulous in choosing your vet, we choose our members too. A membership allows us to provide a service that you want and ensure we are a good fit. This is paramount to building a long lasting relationship instead of just a one off transaction.

What are your prices like?

We do not compete or compare with other vet practices. You get what you pay for. Please read our customers testimonials to find out how they feel about us.

What do I get for my membership?

Please click here for more information.

What if my pet is old and unlikely to last for a year, do I still need to pay for a year’s membership?

In that situation, we would advise that you pay monthly instead of paying a full year’s membership.

Why is it best to ring us before coming to the practice?

As each of our customers has their Personal Care Nurse, there is no need for a reception. Hence to enable us to serve you better, please let us know before you arrive by ringing us.

Why is it so expensive?

You get what you pay for, the real question is am I getting the value for the price I am paying. Only you can answer this question. It is important for us that our customers see the value in our relationship.



Charlotte has given a really heart warming testimonial. She gives advice to anyone thinking about registering their pet at a Vets. "I think Amity is the perfect place for you to come. The team are really knowledgeable and friendly and really helpful. We've got no regrets coming here...and we are here to stay."

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