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Amity Veterinary Care Vet Reviews

"Knowing that whatever do with me or Lara, or any member of my family, we will be looked after"

"Amity describes itself as a family and that really is how it feels"

"Amity has changed the way I can approach a vet"

"Now we get to look at what's best for him...
He trusts you enough to treat him"
Tom and Jasmine originally came to Amity as they wanted to be educated about their dog's condition.
They have two dogs registered here at Amity. Watch their testimonial to see how their veterinary experiences have changed since joining the Amity Family.

"Nothing ever feels like it's too much trouble"

Our lovely client Desney came to Amity with her old dog, who sadly passed away. We all really missed Desney and Pippin so were delighted when she returned to us 18 months later with Jed, her new addition to the family!

'Feels like you have come to see someone you know forever... The service is unbeatable and we definitely get value for money..."

Charlotte has given a really heart warming testimonial. She gives advice to anyone thinking about registering their pet at a Vets. "I think Amity is the perfect place for you to come. The team are really knowledgeable and friendly and really helpful. We've got no regrets coming here...and we are here to stay."

'I know exactly how to look after my cat now. They have taken my worries away... Complete opposite of what you would expect at a vet's. This is a dream...'

Here is the wonderful Shimara giving her testimonial on Amity Veterinary Care. "A true Vet. A real Vet. A kind, loving, heart - centered Vet. And the staff are amazing."

Here we have Carol, one of our lovely clients, giving a testimonial of Amity Veterinary Care. Time, reassurance, excellent treatment. "The team are absolutely wonderful... I wouldn't go anywhere else".

Katy has been working with Dr Lennon Foo for around 10 years! In this video, she tells us why she loves coming to Amity Veterinary Care so much.

Yet another lovely Testimonial. Hear what are the most important things for Mona and Karel when they are looking for a Vets.

The fantastic Faye gives her testimonial on Amity Veterinary Care. "The complexities are dealt with in such a professional, calm and clear manner, that's clearly changed my life as well as Stan's. And Stan's a happy dog. If i've got a happy dog, i'm a happy human!".

Would you guess Shelley is talking about coming to the vets here!?

"'s like going to meet friends at a Cafe for coffee, and bringing your pet with you"

We love this testimonial from Shelley!

Tracey is passionate about her Ferrets. She explains how at Amity she knows her pets are not stressed and are happy coming here.
Does your pet feel happy going to the vets?

"You don't just treat the pet..."

Keith and Margaret have given a great testimonial for Amity Veterinary Care. They have really hit the nail on the head with what we want to achieve. If you watch this testimonial, you will have a very clear idea of Amity!

Amy describes living with her beloved dachshund Priscilla who has epilepsy. She explains Priscilla's specific needs and how Amity helps to support with the individual care she requires.

Does your pet have a condition that requires special care?

Alison gave us a lovely review on how much she liked our personal connection to her and her animals. We love to get to know our member and their fur babies... Sometimes just to send them a birthday card!

Thank you Alison!

Thank you Delsi May for this outstanding testimonial! Does your pet LOVE coming to the vets? Do you like to feel that we care about YOU? Be as happy as Delsi May and feel the difference!

'Treating the animal and understanding the owner'.. completely correct Jeston! We need to make sure we understand owners as much as the animals. After all, they come as a package and for the best results, we need to work together. We teach owners to understand the treatment advised to their pets. Lets be your pet's team and achieve great health!

Our latest client testimonial is from father and son Martin and Terry who came with their dog Buster. They haven't been with Amity long and already have a lot to say about the service we provide.

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I’ve recently had my 9 month pup Ruby spayed by key hole. Id like to thank Lennon and his team for excellent care and attention. Everything went well with the operation, she recovered quickly, the hardest thing was keeping her quiet for 10 days, she had other ideas. So if anyone needs to have their dog spayed, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lennon, first class. Thank you so much.

Amazing people, amazing place Lennon is brilliant with the animals my pup needed help and Lennon was like superman no messing around no rubbish he was straight to it, all the staff are happy polite and easy to talk to your not one in one out they take the time to make you and you furry family member feel at ease and understand so thank you amity vets I don't know what or where id be without you thank you so much

Both my cats were recently spayed and we cannot praise Amity staff and Dr Lennon highly enough.
We were more nervous than the cats for the procedure and were totally reassured every step of the way.
Post op both cats did well and their recovery was well taken care of with a follow up 48 hrs later.
I thoroughly recommend Amity, firstly for the amazing caring knowledgeable staff and secondly for the sheer dedication of Dr Lennon who has created such a unique surgery, the care he provides to both humans and animals is unmatchable.

I cant express my gratitude & respect I have for them in a comment. Thank you Lennon. You have given me faith that you are the best vet for my ferrets. If a vet goes beyond helping cats dogs & rabbits, this is the place to go. It doesn't stop at the pet visit, Lennon also cares about the owners. All I can offer is my reassurance for anyone looking for a vet. Go view the will have nothing to lose!

What a lovely calm environment and a friendly welcome. Animals and owners treated with the same respect. guided tour around the surgery. Clean and tidy lovely calm music in the background. Fantastic art work and camouflage. A very interesting vet practice. I am so glad I took my dog there.

Lovely atmosphere where Bailey and I feel relaxed. Staff all understanding, very friendly and knowledgable.
I always feel that I have been listened too and my questions answered honestly.

Absolutely brilliant, amazing people and so loving and care definitely would recommend them to anyone thank you so much guys

Our dog has been unwell for 3 days so at 0930 today I rang Amity Veterinary Care and within 30 minuets we had an appointment and Pepper was treated immediately. The staff was sympathetic caring and prompt in treating our pet spaniel. Thank you so much you’ve reassured us and we can continue with the rest of our holiday!

Absolutely love Amity Veterinary Care. Lovely staff and Lennon is amazing and will care to your pets every need. Would highly recommend to anyone!

I visited Amity vets with my house cat who is super nervous whenever she is taken out the house or meeting new people. The staff there were so friendly and welcoming, and extremely informative making sure I understood everything that they were telling me, and Lennon was so gentle with my cat. After our appointment we were given a tour around the surgery, even looking at the back rooms - the the decor itself is so beautiful and calming, and even has separate rooms for cats and dogs. Definitely will be returning, it’s very reassuring to know that future vet visits will be stress-free!

"To start with one should first talk about Lennon who started his practice in Newton Abbot.

I first met Lennon about five years ago in the village that I have lived in for many years, and while having a drink in the local Inn he came across as a very friendly and easy going man who struck me that whatever profession Lennon was in that he would be not only caring but also successful.

As we talked, he explained that he was starting a veterinary practice and I said that when I had a need for my Mother’s dog to see a vet then I would visit him.

Well as it turned out that came about earlier than I expected. My Mother’s West Highland Terrier, who was about ten years of age at the time, was starting to suffer with ear trouble as well as dental problems.

The veterinary practice that my Mother used for many years said her dog had trouble with its teeth, but gave no clear idea of the cost of treatment nor the seriousness of the matter which came seriously to our attention while he was being groomed.

After emergency dental treatment, otherwise we would have gone to Amity, next came trouble with his ears and I said what about going to Amity to which my Mother replied next time as I have just read an article about a great veterinary practice in Exeter which we should try.

Well what happened next is that my Mother paid a massive bill for treatment to her dog’s ears involving staying overnight; guess what-our Westie still had ear problems, as the problem had not been resolved at all other than just paying out a great deal of money for nothing so I said that we must try Lennon’s “Amity Veterinary Care practice”.

Dear reader, ever since then we have not considered going to any other veterinary practice and below are the reasons why-

After booking an initial appointment to meet with Lennon at his practice, our family Westie was not only checked over with care and compassion but as the owner I was asked about myself.

Very refreshing when in my fifty years of being a pet / dog owner never once has a veterinary member of staff cared about myself, as the animal’s owner, and the relationship with my family pet.

Lennon not only resolved my Mother’s Westie ear problems, but also gave dental advice along with weight & food management as our Westie was overweight.

Three years ago, her Westie had a massive stroke, and unfortunately at 13 years of age he had to be put to sleep; Lennon did this with so much compassion by not only making it painless for our Westie, but also the loving care he showed to us as being the Westie’s owners.

Shortly afterwards my Mother and myself both received personal letters from Lennon about our loss; no other veterinary practice has ever done this to either my Mother or myself, which shows what a lovely kind person that Lennon is as well as all his team as afterwards when talking with Lennon’s team they all expressed deep sympathy for our loss whenever we spoke with them.

18 months ago, I got myself another West Highland Terrier, and I had absolutely no hesitation in going straight away to Amity Veterinary practice for our new dog to be not only checked over as well as bringing all her inoculations up to date.

Unfortunately, shortly after getting our Westie, who is a rescue dog and arrived overweight we found out that she was diabetic; again, Lennon and his team were brilliant in not caring for our new dog, but also us as a family.

Great news that after all their care and advice in a period of just over 6 months, and a good control on food intake, with Amity’s our Westie has stopped being a dog with diabetes and now not having daily insulin injections or regular glucose testing which our Westie and us as owners found stressful.

Over the last twelve months we as pet owners have seen how Amity, Lennon and his team have developed into a very special veterinary practice which not only cares deeply about the pets that they care for but also their owners.

This special practice is one that I will certainly not be leaving, as you will not receive this level of care elsewhere in my opinion, and l will not hesitate to recommend this excellent veterinary practice to anyone who is a pet owner."

Amity Vets came to our rescue when our tortoise wasn’t himself after waking from hibernation. Following a quick telephone consolation I was reassured and invited to see Lennon who is a specialist in reptiles. The surgery was calm and welcoming and all the staff were incredibly friendly. I was allowed time to explain my concerns and a full assessment was made. Amity Vets helped me through each stage of nursing my tortoise back to health. I can’t recommend them enough. Thanks

They delivered the best possible care for my little bunny when she had her spay, the aftercare from Lennon and Charlotte and the rest of the team was outstanding making sure nothing at all was overlooked when it came to her recovery. She is always very relaxed when visiting Amity because they know how to make sure pets are comfortable. Would 100% recomment all services, wouldn't go anywhere else 🐰

Absolutely amazing, never waiting around, made to feel welcome and like you are the only one there. Never known a vets like it. Would definitely recommend.

Visited Amity today with my two dogs for the initial free check up. It was a relaxing and positive experience and I came away knowing my dogs will get the best possible care. I had a tour of the practice which is well thought out and spotlessly clean and I love the calm colour schemes and murals, not like a vets at all! You can’t help but warm to Lennon, I prefer treatment on my dogs to be as holistically as possible and Lennon got that and respected my decisions. It will be a pleasure for me to be a Amity client. And, car parking a dream, spaces right outside. Sue, Indy and Jodie.

Took my crested gecko to amity vets as they were highly recommended for reptile care. Was very impressed with the knowledge Lennon had for reptiles and did everything he could to help my crestie. We even got a tour around the practice and a very warm friendly welcome every time we went. Would highly recommend this veterinary practice and will definitely be going back with my other reptiles.

I met Lennon when I took my senegal parrot Yoda to his previous practice In Exeter. I was so impressed by the expert and gentle was way he handled and examined my poorly and anxious parrot. He really put us both at ease. It is easy to feel like a neurotic and anxious parent when you are worried, but he treated me with utmost respect. Thank you Lennon.

I have a rescue dog that is scared of his own shadow from being beaten and abused .
In just 2 visits Lennon has made friends with him , that’s huge progress for my boy !
The surgery is more like home , no waiting room full of distressed / excited noisy dogs . Lennon and the staff are so friendly and caring .
We are treated as a person and our animals really do matter . They give all the time needed and full explanation of everything . I really would not go anywhere else now . Thank you Amity team , you really are amazing -:) xx

Both my Sproodle’s are registered here and Lennon and his staff are amazing with them. Daisy our bitch has just been spayed by keyhole method at Amity. She was very well cared for and her recovery was so quick you barely knew she had been in for an op. You can hardly see where the 2 small incisions were made. I would definitely recommend Amity to anyone who has any type of animal. They really goes that extra mile

Absolutely brilliant, amazing people and so loving and care definitely would recommend them to anyone thank you so much guys

A fantastic team at Amity Veterinary Care who looked after our cat Alfie when he had a nasty accident. Lennon and his team were professional, proactive and positive all the way through and Alfie is now living life to the full! Cannot recommend Amity Veterinary Care enough. If you are looking for an good Vet then look no further.

On Tuesday we made the very difficult decision of having our 15 year old cat, Toby, put to sleep. Lennon and his team were, as always, understanding, supportive and caring.
Today we received a condolence card and beautiful flowers from all at Amity.
Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness.
More than just a

What a lovely, caring team they have here. The nurses are lovely and look after you really well.

Lennon's passion for the welfare not only of his patients, but also that of his clients, is refreshing and genuine.

And he really knows his stuff, and clearly has a deep and passionate (there's that word again) interest in veterinary science, such that he's willing to discuss and enthuse with interested clients.

I'd definitely recommend this practice, it has a great atmosphere and the team are, as I have already said, caring and top-notch in their competence. Your pets could not be in better hands.

Arrived at Amity today with 2 lively springers and a cat, the team at Amity were so kind and helpful, greeting me in the car park and helping get us all safely inside. Lennon is exceptionally kind and professional, taking time and care with each animal, even managing to get a tablet inside my cat (not something either me or any pervious vet has managed and he made it look so easy). The service was exceptional, I am very glad that I have registered with Amity, the whole practice is designed to make the trip to the vets as calm and as pleasant as possible. 1st class service, thank you

Lovely atmosphere where Bailey and I feel relaxed. Staff all understanding, very friendly and knowledgable.
I always feel that I have been listened too and my questions answered honestly.

Amazing service, lovely place and lovely staff, all of them are so welcoming! I highly recommend to anyone � As a person that keeps many Reptiles, I was worried about finding a vet who could treat my Chinese Beauty snake. Lenon has lots of experience with Exotics unlike many vets, I’m very happy to have found this place

First class! Had to take our dog Kiwi in to treat a bad cut to her leg. We had been to another vet before, but weren't satisfied with the service there. The interior of Amity is designed to make the animals feel at home, and 'feel at home' she did. It was good to see her relax a bit after a stressful few days. Lennon gives expert advice, a professional on all fronts, and takes great care of your pet. The rest of the staff is outstanding too. I highly recommend Amity Vets!

Thank you so much for the service you provided for our little Esme, it was a very sad time for us letting her go.
Lennon and the staff gave us great support and were extremely helpful and were very professional. We had Esme for nearly eighteen years she was a wonderful cat and gave us no problems.
We also want to thank them for sending us a letter of condolence, the personal touch meant so much to us and helped us in the grieving process.
Thank you so much again for your service and I would certainly recommend Amity vets to anyone.

Our dog has been unwell for 3 days so at 0930 today I rang Amity Veterinary Care and within 30 minuets we had an appointment and Pepper was treated immediately.
The staff was sympathetic caring and prompt in treating our pet spaniel. Thank you so much you’ve reassured us and we can continue with the rest of our holiday!
Malcolm & Julie Worley

I feel like we have finally found a vet who will listen, work with us and understands that every animal is unique with varying needs. My fur baby has been put at ease and I have a confidence in Lennon that I’ve not had before. A lovely, relaxed, quiet experience which is so important for us! Thank you!

I recently wanted to change vets for my Cocker Spaniel, after reviewing and meeting other veterinary practice's it was such a refreshing experience to meet Lennon and the staff at Amity Veterinary Care, in it's warming and calming surroundings a difficult decision was made easy. My Cocker has recently been spayed here with the Laparoscopy method, huge success and she still enters the practice with her full wiggly wagging tail, would definitely recommend Amity. Many thanks to Lennon and the team

The staff and lenon were amazing and so caring, they couldn't have done enough for you. I had to take my leopard gecko in to see lenon to whom I had been recommend. Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to Gigi after a few tests to se if he could help her. He was very thorough and made sure he could do all he could to save her.

Very Friendly, And Such A Good Welcoming Atmosphere For Your Pet, My Dog Ziggy, Is Well Relaxed At Amity Vets, Would Recommend Amity Vets For Good Advice, Treatment And Assurrence In Knowing That My Pet Is In The Best Hands For Me And My Loving Pet XXX

They are kind careing and thoughtful my rabbit was not stressed in anyway and was awake during his procedure

We cannot recommend Amity Veterinary Practice enough. The care we received from Lennon for our beloved dog Jaz, was marvellous. He came to our home, examined her and explained carefully and sensitively the options available that we could take. The most important thing for us that she was comfortable and not stressed or subjected to needless scans or procedures. Additionally, the administration by the back room staff was both efficient and courteous. Our insurance claim was sent off on the same day it was received by them. If you want a vet who will treat you and your pet as an individual and who will take time to set out the options available to you to enable you to make an informed decision, then this practice is for you.

Well what can i say 100% reccommend these vets to any one when my little dog (shadow) cut hes paw badly on way to our holiday they couldn't of bin more caring they looked after us all the way from start to finish 1st class would defo register if i lived closer i 1001% trusted my dog in lennons care! The place is spotless not a hair to be found ...Thanks again guys! Xx

Only just moved to the area and was keen to register straight away such lovely staff.
I didn't realise I would need them so soon.
Thank you for your care of our wonderful boy Bailey and for the beautiful flowers.
Dr Lennon Foo was very caring and kind at our most darkest hour of need.
Thank you

First visit to the vets today with our 8 week old puppy, very relaxed calm experience for both myself and puppy. We even had a tour of the full practise. Will be recommending to all my friends and family.

What a tranquil and peaceful environment! We’d spent ages searching for a vet that could see our tortoise and we’re so glad that we found Amity! Wonderful and kind staff, highly interested in our Tommi and very caring. Pleased with the professionalism and the personalised care.

They were so friendly and helpful when I had to bring my cat Milo in as an emergency after being bitten by another cat when he didn't eat or move from his bed. Treatment was quick and prompt then we picked him up an hour later all happy and pain free. Thank you so much for the work you done to get him back to health.

Just registered our cockapoo Alfie with Amity vets after meeting vet Lennon at bakers park. We were shown around the centre which has excellent facilities. Very calm and tranquil surroundings for both owners and their animals, unlike any vets you can imagine. I am sure exceptional care with be given to our dog Alfie if ever we need it. Would highly recommend Amity vets to anyone looking for a top class vet.

Really pleased with the whole experience. Lennon and all the staff are very friendly and caring. Our dog had two “lumps” removed and the whole aftercare has been (on going) fantastic! Nothing is too much trouble and great care is taken to make sure we are happy with the treatment, and the aftercare. I would have no problem recommending amity to anyone.

Wow what can I say! We had to get our whippet to see a vet ASAP to have teeth out due to a infection (bad mummy for not seeing it😢)
The care blueberry received was second to none! The practice was warm welcoming and so friendly! Yes we were on holiday and not regulars but we were treated exactly the same as any other regular client!
Thank u all so much!!!

I've been here today with one of my precious little friends - Zygmunt. I'm very impressed with welcoming atmosphere, professional staff, modern equipment and wide range of services Amity offers. I even got a tour around a clinic! It feels like after a couple of hit and misses, me and my menagerie found a place to come back

After being really fed up with our last vets I literally stumbled upon Amity and I am so happy I did.. Would highly recommend.. They really do go above and beyond any vets I have ever been to

Doug loved his visit to the vet this morning, they were so kind and patient with him and me! What a lovely, relaxing, professional atmosphere, I would highly recommend them

Such a welcoming environment, nice quiet waiting areas which reduce your animals anxiety levels Lennon and the girls are so friendly and helpful you feel like nothing is too much trouble x

Calm vets who put up with emotional wreck lol.

Excellent service, staff were very warm and professional! Thank you to Lennon and the team, will not hesitate to visit again!

Very professional, caring, calm environment. Roxy enjoys her visits to amity. Very good at dealing with my awkward mother too! X

Finding the courage to face up to elective surgery for a precious little toy dog is no easy task. Do you dare to subject a much loved fluffy bundle to an avoidable general anaesthetic (with its associated risks for such a tiny one), non-vital surgery and post-operative pain and recuperation?

It’s a question with which I had personally struggled for several years. Despite numerous discussions along the way, with vets, breeders and fellow dog lovers, weighing up the pros and cons of spaying, the worries remained. So the decision was inevitably postponed each time because anxiety outweighed urgency.

And then, I met Lennon. He laid out the pros and cons of the procedures in an honest, open way. He was patient, respectful and sympathetic to my concerns. He gave me time and space to come to my own decision. It wasn’t an overnight conversion. But, finally, he achieved what no-one before had: he gave me the confidence to go ahead. His expertise in lap spay surgery, his sincere commitment to owner and animal, and his care and concern swung it for me.

The date was duly booked. The day arrived. We handed her to Lennon and left to face the anxious wait for news that it was over and all was well. True to his word, Lennon phoned as soon as she had come round to reassure us that everything had gone to plan and we could come and take her home. His aftercare advice and follow up was great. He thought we would be amazed at the speed of her recovery and lack of post surgical pain. He was right. By next day she was pretty much back to her usual self. Bright eyed, waggy tailed and looking for her dinner.

After years of worry and hesitation, what a relief! I can’t thank Lennon enough for what he has done for the tiniest member of our family. And, also, for what he has done for us: establishing a genuine trust and rapport and carrying that confidence into the future. We know Lennon is there for our little four legged friends – and for us. I think that’s what it means to be part of the Amity Family. Thank you for ‘adopting’ us!

I am so impressed with the service we received yesterday. I attended the surgery, very stressed. with a very poorly Sun Conure (parrot). The Vet and reception staff were kind and compassionate, with a obvious concern for our situation. The surgery is unlike any Vet I have visited. When entering the reception my senses were immediately calmed by the aroma and decor. I was offered coffee whilst I waited and was treated both professionaly and compassionately. Although the Vet felt that our gorgeous boy would mostly likely die, he was treated gentley and lovingly. After a long night of nursing our boy is still alive and seems to have got his appetite back. He's not being naughty yet but we are hoping that his status will continue to improve. Thank you

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