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Amity Veterinary Care is proud to be able to provide exotic veterinary service in Newton Abbot.

I have been interested in exotics since I was young and now get to work with them in a professional capacity! Where other vets may not wish to work with these amazing creatures, I have embraced them and their diversity. As a result, there are not many small/exotic/furry/scaly/feathered creatures great and small that I have not worked with. Ranging from the more ordinary guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, hamsters, mice and rats; to the more unusual parrots and chickens; and on to the far more unusual snakes, lizards, tortoises and salamanders. They are all family!

In addition, I spent 18 months as a volunteer veterinary surgeon at Paignton Zoo. An incredible experience which meant I could indulge my passion to the extreme: sedating bongos, medicating 10ft long pythons, anaesthetising 300kg gorillas – all in a day’s work!

Now I can bring this expertise to you and your pets. Amity Vets can provide medical and surgical treatment, health checks, dietary advice, husbandry advice, medical diagnostics (including x-ray and ultrasound), blood and urine tests.

We can advise on neutering and seasonal checks for rabbits and guinea pigs. Also, we provide pre- and post-hibernation checks for tortoises.

Dr Lennon Foo BVetMed GPCert(SAM) MRCVS

Basic Exotic Membership

By being a member of the Amity Family, you and your pet will be entitled to:

  • Free 24/7 emergency telephone advice (value – priceless)
  • Exclusive access to invaluable veterinary expertise (value – priceless)
  • Exclusive access to the practice’s wide selection of diagnostics and therapeutics (value – priceless)
  • Personalised client care (value – priceless)
  • A single veterinary consultation (value £50-£100)

Total value about £250

Essential Exotic Membership

All inclusive of Basic membership including

  • Unlimited consultations including re-examination fees (*Does not include pre-existing or chronic conditions)
  • Myxo/VHD1/VHD2 vaccinations for Rabbits (value £120)
  • Discounted services e.g. neuters for small mammals (value £25-£50)
  • Complimentary microchips (value £30)
  • Complimentary claw clipping (value £30-£100)
  • Half of insurance excess covered up to £50 (value up to £50 per claim)

Total value about £250-£400

* Customised memberships available to include chronic conditions.  Please contact the practice for more information.


Cost per month

Cost per Month Basic Essential
Rabbit £7 £20
Reptile £7 £15
Small Furry £7 £15
Bird £7 £15

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Passionate about your pet and mad about you