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Out of Hours Emergency Services

The care for your pet is important to us regardless of the time of the day. We are committed to providing the veterinary service you need whenever you need it.

If you should veterinary assistance or advice, please call 01626 247888. Follow the instructions and you will reach Dr Lennon 99% of the time. Amity works closely with MiNightVet to provide a comprehensive and caring emergency service you require.

MiNightVet is based in Totnes. It is made up of a dedicated vet team that specialises in pure emergencies only. As they do not work in the day, they are always super fresh and ready for you and your beloved pet. They have a special interest, experience, and training in all aspects of urgent critical care. You can find out more about them here.

This particular service has been chosen over others as it is the closest (in terms of distance), most trusted (we know the vets!), and the most suitable for your needs. Their services are available from 7pm to 8am daily, including weekends and bank holidays. For the rest of the time, the cover will be by Amity vets.

So, when you call the usual Out of Hours number, you will be more than likely to reach Dr Lennon. This will result in two possibilities; 1. Dr Lennon may see you (subject to the usual Out-of-Hours fee of £300 for members or £400 for non-members) OR 2. You may be directed to MiNightVet (at a reduced fee of £180, payable when seen).

To be seen at Amity by Dr Lennon (during the hours between 7pm and 8am daily), there will be specific criteria involved, namely…

  1. If no one else can deal with that particular situation OR
  2. You would like to see Dr Lennon personally AND
  3. He is actually available to see you

Apart from the above, what will happen is when you speak on the phone and he feels your pet will benefit from a vet consultation, he will then give you a number to ring the emergency vet service (during those hours mentioned above). On occasions, he may inform them of your situation to simplify things before they speak to you.

Just to be very clear, please call the usual Amity number 01626 247888 when you need us anytime and follow the instructions.

Take care and be safe.

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Charlotte has given a really heart warming testimonial. She gives advice to anyone thinking about registering their pet at a Vets. "I think Amity is the perfect place for you to come. The team are really knowledgeable and friendly and really helpful. We've got no regrets coming here...and we are here to stay."

Here is the wonderful Shimara giving her testimonial on Amity Veterinary Care. "A true Vet. A real Vet. A kind, loving, heart - centered Vet. And the staff are amazing."

Here we have Carol, one of our lovely clients, giving a testimonial of Amity Veterinary Care. Time, reassurance, excellent treatment. "The team are absolutely wonderful... I wouldn't go anywhere else".




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Passionate about your pet and mad about you