Passionate about your pet and mad about you

Natural Power

An Immersive 6-Week Program

Did you know that

You were born perfect, equipped with all that is needed to create a beautiful & meaningful life?
For some, life took over somewhere along the way, hopes and dreams were abandoned, lost or given up…
But that doesn’t have to be the case.

If the following apply to you...

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How Will This Be Provided?

Dr Lennon Foo

Dr Lennon Foo


is a practising vet for more than 15 years. He is poised to empower 10 million pet guardians and one million veterinary personnel. He is also a father of two, an author and a public speaker. He writes a weekly blog, inspiring many to explore and improve their personal lives.

He currently spends half of his professional time running Amity Veterinary Care whose core purpose is Empowering You Through Education. He provides training and coaching for his Team and help pet guardians improve their lives with their pets through his philosophy of Embracing Humanity through Veterinary Medicine. The other half of his professional time is invested in positively impacting the veterinary profession through his writings, talks, and courses, helping others to find their genius in themselves and to discover the power within.

Salsa dancing, roller skating and Capoeira make up his non veterinary pursuits. He lives in Devon, with his family.

What Content Is Covered

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What You Will Achieve

Increased Energy<br>For Your Life

Increased Energy
For Your Life

Improved Clarity<br>In Your Life

Improved Clarity
In Your Life

Better Tools To<br>Live Your Life

Better Tools To
Live Your Life

When Does It Start?

1st week starts on
Monday 13th June 2022

2nd week starts Monday 20th June 2022 7pm
3rd week starts Monday 27th June 2022 7pm
4th week starts Monday 4th July 2022 7pm
5th weeks starts Monday 11th July 2022 7pm
6th week starts Monday 18th July 2022 7pm

Course Investment £ 897

Limited spaces available!
Each course is limited to 50 participants!

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL £497 (ends on 5th June 2022)

Invest in yourself without fear with our Natural Power Money-Back Guarantee!

Our aim is to deliver more value than what you invested in, ensuring you are able to take your life to the next level. If you do not see a transformative change in yourself or feel it is not a good fit after the first two sessions, simply contact us & we will refund every single penny. No hard feelings whatsoever!

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Change Your Thinking

Change Your Thinking

Change Your Habits

Change Your Habits

Change Your Life

Change Your Life


Experienced Vet, Liz Law, describes how the Natural Power Course has made her think more and empowered her to change her life.

Madeleine describes how she feel clearer about what she wants from her life after attending the Natural Power course.

Laura explains how the Natural Power Course has helped in all aspects of her life including being a vet, wife and mother.

I have recently completed the Natural Power course.

It’s helped me to let go of some old ways of thinking, to think more positively and feel so much better about myself.

I wake up feeling grateful and am more mindful of what goes on in my head, and although still a work in progress, progress has definitely been made and I feel much more positive and empowered.

It’s helped me to focus, set goals and take the first step. I feel it’s only the beginning of the next steps, but they seem the natural ones.

It’s very convenient being online, and there’s access to the recorded live sessions which was really useful to be able to re-watch them, plus I wasn’t able to attend one of the live sessions so it was great to be able to catch up in my own time.

My advice to anyone thinking of taking this course would be, just do it!
It covers so much content which you can adopt and take forward in all aspects of life.
I really can’t recommend it enough.

Empty your cup, express and develop your natural power.... It’s powerful stuff!

Passionate about your pet and mad about you