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Knowledge is NOT Power

Knowledge is NOT Power

7th September 2019

Dr Lennon’s Sunday Musings

It has been said that the three most dangerous words to say when it comes to learning are, “I know that”. Once those words have been uttered, mentally, the mind stops any input of information and physically, it may stop the person volunteering the information to stop giving.

It has been said that to be an expert in anything, one need to have done at least 10,000 hours of that skill set or art. For example, the requirement for a pilot before being allowed to fly a commercial flight would require at least 10,000 hours of flight time. Does that mean that there is no more learning that needs to be done after that? I believe that one can never know so much that there is nothing else to learn. Many masters, experts, leaders and teachers would agree that to be the best in their field and to stay the best, they have to remain to be the best humble students. I believe that to be true. I find that the more I learn, the more I realise there is more to learn. So how much is there actually to learn?

Let’s pretend you are sitting in a room. Using that as a metaphor for knowledge, where you are sitting right now is what you know you know. Around the room is what you know you do not know, for example, if there was a cupboard, you know there is something in the cupboard though you do not know what it is. However, you are aware you do not know that. Outside the room lies what you do not know you do not know. It is where we are not even aware of what we are ignorant of. The world is a huge place with infinite things to learn. One’s journey to knowledge is a never-ending one.

After learning something, it still does not mean you have done or change anything. Knowledge is not power. Applied knowledge is power. Many people can read a lot and learn a lot. However, they do not take any action to apply it, they merely know it. Until knowledge is applied in some form, it still does not change anything. Knowledge not applied will only remain to be merely thoughts until action is taken using those same thoughts to affect any changes. And there lies the difference. Have you ever observed a situation where the same knowledge is imparted to two individuals and they both get different result? Or two persons looking at the same painting or listening to the same piece of music and having totally different interpretations?

So, the knowledge can be the same but a unique factor that is involved in the outcome lies with the person having that knowledge. He or she can choose not to take any action resulting in no change hence the expression made above where ‘Knowledge is NOT power’. Or a choice can be made to apply the knowledge and some action will be taken resulting in some consequence. In addition, the consequence will depend on how the knowledge is interpreted and applied. Until we apply the knowledge, it does not make a difference and hence is ‘not power’.

When we learn something that we believe in and agree upon, it is important that we do not just allow it to remain to be thoughts in our mind. We should strive to apply that knowledge however suitable. We have to understand that knowing something is not enough and will not change anything. It is only when we apply the knowledge that we can have the power to make a difference.

Don’t waste your knowledge, apply it!

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