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Evening Talks for Pet Owners

Ever wanted to know more about your pet and veterinary medicine?

Come join us for an informative Friday Webinar Evening!

Venue: In the comfort of your own home!

Time: Starts at 6.30pm sharp. All done by 8pm.

Cost: Free for Amity Members.
For non-members, EARLY BIRD SPECIAL £15 (up to one week before event)
You will receive a link once you have purchased a ticket or registered (for Members). Book here.

All talks are presented by Dr Lennon Foo BVetMed GPCert(SAM) MRCVS unless stated otherwise.

Dates and Topics

9th Aug 2019 – Vaccinations, titre-testing or just not bother?

Find out about the diseases we vaccinate against in dogs and cats, the availability of titre testing and what happens when you do not vaccinate your pet (the answer may surprise you!).

6th Sep 2019 – Canine Arthritis: Various approaches including drugs, complementary medicine, novel techniques and owner-led

A presentation focusing on different ways to manage arthritic pets. A useful overview of options that is available to pet owners for their pets.

11th Oct 2019 – Veterinary Acupuncture: An ancient approach to modern medicine

Ever wondered how acupuncture work and its use in veterinary medicine? In this presentation, you will find out with specific cases and evidence included.

8th Nov 2019 – To neuter or not to neuter, that’s the question…but what is the answer?

Why do vets recommend neutering? Is neutering really necessary? Are there any side effects to neutering? Find out all the answers in this discussion!

13th Dec 2019 – Laparoscopy: a keyhole approach

Minimally invasive surgery (MIS) has been the cornerstone of human medicine for many decades. Learn about the use in veterinary medicine and the pros/cons of this technique.

10th Jan 2020 – Best food for your dog: Is there such a thing?

Dry food, wet food, grain-free, raw feed… Find out what food is the best for your dog in this controversial presentation!

14th Feb 2020 – Blood tests: Why, When and How?

What do blood results tell us? A breakdown of the usefulness of blood test in different situations and how vets do it, including exotic species! Ever seen blood sampling from a snake? You do not want to miss it!

13th Mar 2020 – CBD oil: Myth or Medicine?

A review on Cannabidiol oil and its usage in pets.

10th Apr 2020 – Fleas/worms/ticks: How often should we treat, with what and why?

Make sure your pet is not harbouring another pet on them! Find out about the bugs, why we treat them and what products are available.

15th May 2020 -10 tips to reduce vet bills

Need we say more?! Dr Lennon reveals 10 tips to help you save your pennies at the vets!

12th Jun 2020 – How do I work with my vet effectively?

Find out how to help your vet work more effectively to help your pet. A must for any pet owner that spends a lot of time at the vets or struggle to understand her/his vet’s intention.

17th Jul 2020 – Exotic Species – A review of cases

Ever seen a snake’s enucleation (removing an eye), a tortoise’s x-rays or a chameleon caesarean? If you have not and want to, Be There!

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