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Amity Coronavirus Protocol

We are undergoing strange times during this corona virus outbreak. We are holding you dear in our thoughts during this difficult and uncertain period. Apart from the chaos this virus has created, it has also caused mass panic and fear. It has affected how we live, how we think and how we behave.

After an in-depth consultation with my Amity Team, we are pleased to inform you that Amity remains open to provide emergency services for you and your pet. If you are struggling financially, we may be able to help in this unprecedented time with our greatly discounted services below.

For Amity Members – YOU ROCK AND YOU KNOW IT!

Free home visits for emergencies
Free transport of small pets (in carriers) to Amity as needed
Free Telemedicine. (Consultation without being at practice) Ring us for details.
Free Written Prescriptions

Home Visits – Don’t come to us, WE’LL COME TO YOU!

(Available to 8 mile radius to practice. Other locations may incur a surcharge)

Home visit with consultation only: £70
Home visit with consultation and ALL oral/topical treatment (up to 7 days): £120 ALL INCLUSIVE
Free visits to elderly and at risk pet owners. (Please ring for more details)
Free transport of small pets (in carriers) to Amity as needed
Not to be used with any other offers
Interest free credit available
Subject to availability

BOOK NOW | Call 01626247888

Consultations – DOING IT SAFELY

Consultation up to 30 min (Online available): £40
Consultation up to 30 min (Online available) with oral/topical treatment up to 1 week: £90 ALL INCLUSIVE
Delivery charge £10 for medications to be sent for Online Consultations
Not to be used with any other offers
Interest free credit available
Subject to availability

BOOK NOW | Call 01626 247888


  • DO YOU REALLY NEED TO SEE A VET? It is recommended that routine vaccinations or non essential medical check ups to be postponed for now. If you are not sure if you need to be seen by a vet, please contact us.
  • BOO! DON’T SURPRISE US! Please do not turn up at the practice unannounced. You can ring the practice to make appointments. Emergencies ONLY.
  • PERSONAL SERVICE BY BEING IMPERSONAL… All conversations will be conducted by phone as much as possible and minimal human will be established. We do so because we care for you greatly. Please forgive us for being ‘impersonal’ in these extraordinary times.

Thank you for your time. Keep the faith. Be grateful. Take care of yourself and take care of those around you. Balance living like there is no tomorrow with behaving like you’ll live forever.

This virus may take lives but do not let it take away our smiles. We will prevail. We were here first.

Watch this video to learn the secret of feeling better in this pandemic…

Wishing you all the best in health, heart, mind and soul. Be safe.


Dr Lennon and his Amity Team



Charlotte has given a really heart warming testimonial. She gives advice to anyone thinking about registering their pet at a Vets. "I think Amity is the perfect place for you to come. The team are really knowledgeable and friendly and really helpful. We've got no regrets coming here...and we are here to stay."

Here is the wonderful Shimara giving her testimonial on Amity Veterinary Care. "A true Vet. A real Vet. A kind, loving, heart - centered Vet. And the staff are amazing."

Here we have Carol, one of our lovely clients, giving a testimonial of Amity Veterinary Care. Time, reassurance, excellent treatment. "The team are absolutely wonderful... I wouldn't go anywhere else".




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Passionate about your pet and mad about you